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Spiritual Advancement Through Poetry

Poetry: an art form that not only allows you to feel but also has the ability to transport you far and beyond what you merely read on a page. Words strung together in a sensibly fluid manner, telling a story of a moment in time, a feeling experienced, a thought pondered. No matter how or what the topic, poetry is but a paradox: simple yet equally as complex. 

Best described as a means of escaping reason through either rhythmic or non-rhythmic expression, this form of creative, structured storytelling has been engrained in our society since ancient times. Leaving not only the writers but the readers having very personal, connected experiences illustrates the significance poetry can have on both an individual and societal level.  

As one ponders thought and provides space for contemplation and considerations, so too does the door for advanced presence and consciousness open. This thinking can stimulate new ideas as well as new patterns and connections that were not quite mentally developed before. 

Let’s choose to open our hearts and our minds to the power of word. Through poetry and the like, we can connect with our higher selves, our fellow beings, and our universal consciousness. 

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