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Plants and Pottery

Self-Expression leads to Universal Connection

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My name is Jen and I've spent the last few years seeking 'more'; motivated to elevate my life, the lives of others, and in turn, advance the human collective consciousness. This blog is a product of my own curiosities toward expanding my mind while doing more for my community.

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False Hope

Have you ever gotten really excited about something, spoken it into the universe, only to have that same moment be instantly taken from...

Recipe for Success

It’s so easy to overthink everything. A quote I just read this morning was from Jim Carrey that said, ‘As far as I can tell, it’s just...


I think about your words and I wonder where we went wrong. I’m confused and trying to comprehend it all. It’s hard to move forward when I...

A Million Ways to Turn

I wake and my mind begins to wander. It’s 6:17am as I write this. What a fitting time. The date of my birth. I wonder what that means....

What's Your Lesson For Today?

Today is a day just like any other. Yet everyday has a different lesson to be learned. What I’m finding today is that even though I may...

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