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Change my Mind

I've spent the last couple days chatting with new people. It's interesting the kinds of individuals you can meet virtually. What's even more interesting is watching as you form a belief about said people and then, over time, that belief transforms along with your interaction.

The engagement starts small with a bit of fun and jest. Then questions are shared and connections start to build. You wonder where the questions stem from, but don't think too heavily into the backstory. Soon, you're sharing aspects of your life with a complete stranger, in a way that's intimate yet not too obtrusive.

As the engagement continues, further detail is revealed, and now there's more connecting in this encounter than just you two people. It's starting to make more sense why these questions were asked, and ultimately, where the conversation is headed. And in that moment you think to yourself, "if only I saw this before".

But you didn't, you see, because you were guided down a path that that person wanted you to head. A direction that was paved by their own emotions, beliefs and desires. And it becomes increasingly clear that that's how all relationships and interactions work these days. We see what we want to see, hear what we want to hear, and are shown only what others want to share with us.

Interesting and bewildering engagements they are. These are the moments we can learn from and these are the people that can change our views.

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