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Every time you think you know the direction your life will go in, it somehow seems that the universe plows right on in and puts that path to a stop. It’s funny. I mean I understand having ‘free will’ but then there’s always that bit of unfree, unknown directional guidance that you get through universal forces which makes having ‘free will’ not make any sense at all. You follow me?

If it was up to me, my life would be totally different. I would be traveling around the world, listening to upbeat music and writing my thoughts to you all with the opportunity for stimulating meaningful, resounding discussion. Not that that’s not possible. I just wish that’s what I was doing right now in this moment.

I’ve been following this current trajectory now for over six years. Leading a life that makes me happy, sometimes. I’m trying to fit into someone else’s mold and I’m starting to outgrow it. And every couple years, I seem to end up in this same headspace.

I hate to be a complainer. Hell, I really don’t have much to complain about. But I’m at a point in my journey of self-exploration and discovery where I’m ready to take control and make significant change. But the thing is, I need guidance. It seems that’s been something I’ve wanted for years. And frankly, through the relationships I’ve built and the connections I’ve forged, I’ve found myself here. So it’s not that I haven’t received any, because I have. But what now?

Do you ever feel that way? The feeling of where do I go from here? Do I continue going around this circle or step outside of my routine and lead a life my soul intended? Man – even writing that gets me jived up! Hell – who doesn’t like the sound of that?

Maybe I need to connect more closely to my spirit guides. I know – for some of you, you may be thinking, what does that even mean? Others may be thinking, “this girl is crazy.” Whatever it is you immediately felt after reading that, don’t be taken aback. Let your feelings sink in. Try and understand where those thoughts and emotions are coming from, and maybe too, you can be a little open to the idea that there is more to this life than just what meets your eye.

I’ve always wanted to build a greater relationship with my spirit guides… and over the last couple years I’ve been telling myself to spend more time leaning into that aspect of life which I’ve found so intriguing. Spirit guides are non-physical forms that guide us through our life on Earth. This might just be our opportunity to take this journey together and delve more deeply into the meaning of it all.

There are so many amazing articles and resources available to us. I’ll act as a conduit to connect each of us with these materials and we can work together to build better connections with the world around us.

Sending love and positivity to you 😊.

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