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Evaluating Preconceived Notions

Preconceived notions: we all make them. In a sense, it’s a human tendency of placing judgement based on prior details or knowledge we collect over a period of time from or about someone. Then we use our own thoughts to develop conclusions about why or how someone has gotten to this particular point or place in time.

But what does that thought process mean about us? And is there a way of breaking that cycle so we are all a bit better off? How can we stop ourselves from seeing what we want and choose to see versus giving others our full attention, and the space they deserve, to show us who they actually are?

I love learning about people. Through that learning process not only do I find out interesting details about each individual, but I have the ability to see into their mind; try and understand how they think or even contemplate the world. And the more that I leave space for listening and sharing dialogue, the more I also learn about my behaviors and thought patterns.

The next time you’re with a familiar face, or maybe even a new friend, instead of jumping to conclusions, take time to listen. Really be present in that moment and allow for the other to unfold him or her self to you in a way that brings comfort with an added vibe of intrigue. Through that interaction, you’ll not only be proactively working on your interpersonal skills but you’ll be strengthening your own character. Seeing the world through another’s eyes, just for a brief moment, may open your mind to this remarkably unusual and unique life we live.

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