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False Hope

Have you ever gotten really excited about something, spoken it into the universe, only to have that same moment be instantly taken from your grasps?

I contemplate why that happens. I use the same techniques your hear all the time; believe in it, put it into the universe, etc. etc...

And I guess when it relates to two people, both have choice and can ultimately affect the overall outcome. But I still find it interesting. Why was this possible experience brought forth to me, what can I learn from this unexpected, undesirable end result and why did I want there to be more?

You can start going down a rabbit hole with all the questions; asking yourself was it me, was it the limited circumstances, maybe it was our timing? Then you can even go beyond and wonder what was playing in the other person’s mind? What caused a possible miss in our communication or playful banter? Was there more going on behind the scenes?

There are always going to be a multitude of factors that may alter our life experiences, and I guess this particular encounter was not in my cards. While it bums me out to a large extent, I’ll be okay and be able to move forward. With this experience, I must ask myself what my root desires and motivations were and if they were pure. I do believe that they were. I’m just still in the evaluation phase of why these moments are brought forth.

If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them.

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