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Fulfill You!

Good day to all my beautiful, unique JEMs!!

It’s the first day of the year and what an amazing time to begin this next chapter of our self-reflection journey.

Regardless of where you are within your spiritual exploration, comprehension or ascension, we are here to work together to elevate our practice, enhance our lives and empower our minds.

It’s a great day to have a great day!

So, let’s begin creating some habits that can set the scene for our 2021 growth.

Each morning, before immediately scrolling through your phone, take some time to connect with YOU! While it may not be easy, let’s try out the Silva Method breathing technique (described within the Silva Ultramind Pt. 1 blog). By starting with some inhalations and exhalations, we can calm our minds and stay restful. This approach can also keep us open and appreciative for what’s to come throughout the day.

Next, this morning, I ask that we all write down three significant aspects of ourselves and our lives that we want to focus on developing further this year. It can be anything from growing patience, dedicating ourself to a cause, connecting more closely with others. Keep it simple! When we feel overwhelmed by the amount of ‘change’ that might be forthcoming, the reality of us working hard to enact that change will slowly fade. And remember, just because we are choosing these areas doesn’t mean we can’t leave space for furthering ourselves in other aspects of our lives!

Once you’ve set some time aside to openly contemplate your three focal areas and choose, give yourself a round of applause. Throw out some smiles. Be proud of you! Because honestly, this is your first step at finding more of what makes you happy and feeling connected to the greater world around you! Every step is valuable.

I hope this leaves you feeling energized and excited for this year 😊. We will move forward over the coming days and learn how to continue dedicating ourselves to our practice and our chosen causes.

Have a blessed day!

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