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It's all about communication. This whole time I've been thinking that many people don't want to listen. Granted, along the way I've shared my story but I've had an equal amount of time where I believed that others were too wrapped up in their own thoughts and worlds to want to listen to mine. But this morning as I drove home after spending a much appreciated girl's night safely with a friend, I realized I was looking at the situation all wrong.

For the longest time I was exuding a victim's mentality, believing that people don't really listen, on top of telling myself that I was not bitter about that. But in reality, saying I wasn't bitter was in fact showing my bitterness.

I've been placing all the onus on others but hardly any on myself. The revelation showed me that it's not necessarily that people don't want to listen but more that everyone communicates differently. If instead I can learn to communicate my wants and needs in ways that resonate with each of these different individuals, maybe I'd be left feeling more satisfied.

Having the opportunity to work through those thoughts with a friend was rather insightful and I'm thankful I was given that time and space. It's amazing what we can work through with others.

I hope this year has brought each of you insights, awareness and a greater sense of internal strength. As we move into the new year, I wish you all health, happiness and light, and look forward to continuing this journey of self-reflection and growth in 2021.

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