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Silva Ultramind System (Pt. 1)

Recently I learned about the Silva Ultramind System, a way of mastering altered states of mind and being able to more fully solve your life's problems. While I am fairly new in my discovery of this system, it was introduced through the Mindvalley Platform lead by Vishen Lakhiani. Its intent is to allow us to individually tap into different wave frequencies of our Human Mind so that we can expand our states of creativity, intuitive guidance and forward life movement.

While the program itself is quite detailed, there is a simple active meditation technique that will allow us to reach a more restful mind frequency, known as Alpha. When we reach this frequency, we can become more restful and ultimately more creative.

The 40 Day Technique is called the Countdown Approach where right after you awake, you count backwards in your mind from 100 to 1, slowly with your breath. This process may take anywhere between 5-8 minutes. As you move through the process, you'll find yourself calming. Repeat this process for 10 consecutive days. On the 11th day, repeat the countdown but this time count from 50 to 1. From Day 21-30, countdown from 20 to1and lastly, from Day 31-40, countdown from 10 to 1.

Once you've reached the alpha state each day, you must then close your eyes and raise your view upwards of 20 degrees (as shown below).

Lastly, you will envision three different scenes:

Be as vivid as possible! Focus on the first scene for 1-2 minutes than move forward to scenes 2 and 3 in concession. Make this experience memorable for you. Not only is it an experiment, but it's an opportunity for you to really change certain aspects of your life that are not working for you in this moment.

I'd love to hear thoughts on whether it works for you all!! Happy meditating!

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