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The feeling of disappointment

Disappointment: displeasure when your hopes or expectations aren't met. What's worse is when this disappointment comes from someone else's actions misaligning with words.

Have you felt this before? I'm sure you have. There's little chance of getting through this life without feeling the full range of emotions.

Well, I'm feeling it now. Instead of sitting in the feeling, I'm attempting to find my way out through another lane. What's the root cause? Is it someone's actions that led me to this feeling? Or am I more upset about my lack of initiative toward the same topic? When I begin thinking about it all, there's a lot to it. It reminds me of my relationships with my father and prior significant others that trigger my annoyance. It also opens my eyes to realizing that maybe I was waiting for someone else to make change in my life when really I'm the person that needs to take control of the wheel.

So really, who's to blame here other than me? If anything, this has shown me that there's no one to be disappointed with other than myself. Why? Because no matter how others behave, I choose how I respond. I also choose how I want to live my life, and if something is unpleasing to me, I'm the one who can change it.

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