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Strengthen minds through self-empowerment and love

JEM's Mission

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Hi everyone! I'm Jen :)

(and yes, I am wearing a funky visor in my photo!)

Starting in early childhood, I've always been fascinated by life on Earth, feeling a greater sense of community and connection with all living things. As I've gotten older, I've sought out avenues that would expand my knowledge and understanding of that connection, and help me find answers to some of life's most resounding questions. 

With a Bachelors in psychology and criminal justice as well as a Masters in Business Administration, I continue to seek out the truths of our lives and hone into the ever growing belief that there is much more than that which we physically experience. 

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What this blog can do for you!

Spirituality is a part of us all. Whether you are at the beginning stages of your spiritual journey or further along and well-versed, there is something in this blog for everyone! My hope is that you find inspiration, recommendations and a chance to anchor your light, elevating our society to higher levels of consciousness.

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